New adidas Continental 80 at Oi Polloi

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Heard your brother’s been released? Driving offences, he reckoned. We know though, don’t we? Stolen goods wasn’t it? George Foreman grills? Look, it’s not for us to judge, we just want to say it’s all behind him now as far as we’re concerned and maybe it’s time you two patched things up. It’s your call, but if you want to show him you still care deep down, you could do a lot worse than log onto on Thursday just after midnight (so that’s Wednesday night really isn’t it?).

He’ll like these. You know he’ll like them. If he doesn’t want them we’ll have them anyway. Or you can keep them. We’re just trying to help.

Have a look, anyway…¬†They’re like the standard issue pumps in a really well designed Japanese tennis prison.


I had pizza for tea.

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