New Balance 576 celebrates 35th anniversary

New Balance remain in the ascendancy, demanding wearers from all sections of society, with numerous releases satisfying the growing demand for their unique brand of footwear.

Back at the very start of their journey though, the choice was limited. To celebrate the early icons of their history, New Balance have released a 35th anniversary edition of a shoe that is increasingly being revered as an archetype in sports footwear, the 576.

Designed with utility in mind, the 576 is ostensibly an updated 575 running shoe, but one for multiple settings and various terrains. It’s a footwear Jack of all Trades, Master of Many and the fact it so closely resembles its early incarnation of the late 80s is testament to its timelessness.

As ever, Aphrodite are on the ball here.

Take a closer look at the 35th anniversary New Balance 576 here.

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