New Balance 860v2 Northern Lights: Eyes to the Ether

Anything scientific loses me very quickly. But where science creates something arresting and visual, I’m all for it. That can be said of the Aurora Borealis – more commonly termed “The Northern Lights”. Having visited Iceland and seen nothing, it was nice to observe them from my own back garden recently. Left me wanting more.

While I’m contemplating where to head to see them next, I thought I’d divert your attention to this New Balance release, themed on the aforementioned natural phenomenon.

First introduced in 2011, the Boston pacemaker’s 860v2 silhouette remains homogenous with high-calibre arch support, an attribute garnering the brand’s stature since 1906. Blessed with the same ACTEVA LITE cushioning and shock-absorbent, N-ergy technology as its 1906R and 2002R siblings, the model’s open-knit mesh upper and pearly detailing offers a versatile canvas for florid decoration, whilst grounding the amble wanderer – with their eyes to the ether.

Get on these at SEVEN STORE now.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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