New Balance Limited Edition 998 Made in USA

Having never ventured into teutonic territory in all of my previous 37 years, I’ve now become strangely obsessed with the place. I recently watched Deutschland ’83 in just a couple of sittings, and last week I only went and flew to Berlin to look at clothes, eat meat and generally German myself up.

Just as the comedown cloud was beginning to clear, this pair of Deutschland inspired Daps popped into my inbox and I was back there in Mitte, asking a bloke who looked like Techno Viking why the logo to his restaurant looked like a bent out of shape Blackpool Tower.

These 998 are as rare as hen’s teeth. Probably rarer, given there are only 26 pairs in existence, in the entire world. You can see the influence of Germany in the colours, and there’s even a bear on the sole. The whole thing is to celebrate the opening of the New Balance store in Berlin last month. If you’re local, or just passing through, or maybe if you still think the cold war is on and you’re in town gathering secrets, it’s on Münzstraße 21, 10178. Get yourself there.

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Mark Smith

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