New Balance Navy M990N Made in USA

Remember when people used to go jogging, not running? Remember when serious runners didn’t harp on about getting their feet properly measured and shit? They just went in a sports shop, tried some trainers on then went home? Then maybe jogged around the block a few times? Halcyon days for ‘keep fit’ enthusiasts.

These remind me of that. Then.

Of course these days we’re all wearing runners as if we’re Daley Thompson or something. Imagine being Daley Thompson by the way?

Anyway, pair these with a nice posh sock, a quality denim jean trouser and away you go. Sure, the only jogging or running you’ll do in such a luxurious trainer will be to catch the night bus but this is 2013, Daddio.

Available here.

nba1615nvy_01 nba1615nvy_03 nba1615nvy_04

Mark Smith

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