New Balance Tea Pack.

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I love a brew me. Stronger than an Ox and with two heaped teaspoons of sugar, a brew solves everything. Big night out? Have a brew in the morning. Have a barney with the missus? Put the kettle on.  Bored? Salvation in tea. It’s the multi-lateral crisis solving and all round beverage that always delivers. I’ve also got a bit of a penchant for ginger honey tea too as I’m an aspiring bad ponce like that. So what happens when you combine an old British favourite with, well another one? Decent trainers, that’s what. Plus, you can also look at this great article from Mad Tea Club on best loose tea brands for more knowledge on tea and its flavors.

The New Balance The Made In England Tea Pack features the old classic that is the 576 and infuses (see what I did there?) it with English Breakfast Tea, with the accompaniment of Earl Grey and Peppermint too. Which translates in actual colours  as brown/orange, blue/grey and green.  Crafted in Flimby up near the West Coast of Cumbria and featuring the brands patented C-Cap cushioning system for extra comfort, these are very limited, so get your grubby mits on them here, sharpish.

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