New season Cav Empt at Wellgosh

Cav Empt compound their status as one of the most important contemporary brands with another strong season now avaliable at Wellgosh

In a recent interview in publication Kalidescope, Cav Empt operators Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell opened up about some of their inspirations and design processes. Amongst other things they discussed a shared obsession for scouring ebay for interesting objects, many of which they acquire as potential references to be woven into the language of the brand. Though many of these are forgotten cultural relics, Cav Empt doesn’t feel retro. An overarching a sense of scifi futurism in their graphics, along with a notably tasteful selection of fabric and tone comprise the identity of one of the most idiosyncratic yet wearable labels on the market today.

After its eleven year history, it is clear by now that the two streetwear stallwarts behind the brand have a winning formula. Wellgosh’s interpretation of their SS22 offerings is as follows:

This season’s collection features bold, heavyweight graphic t-shirts in neutral hues just in time for summer, with cut ‘n’ sew panelling making an appearance on some of the styles. The running theme of surreal and technology-tinged motifs still runs deep season on season, with this latest offering being no exception. Layers are a focus, with printed and overdyed overshirts, core boxy crewneck sweatshirts, pullover and full-zip hoodies and lighter-weight jackets for the warmer days ahead. For a smarter look, there are also turtleneck sweaters, shawl collars and cardigans that look just as good on the street as they do at family functions. All of the outerwear garments come with the iconic rubberised arm badge as standard, which has led the brand to gain instantly-recognisable notoriety. There’s also a couple of trouser options for your lower half, and as anyone that’s looked into Cav Empt before will know, their trousers are durable, stylish and incredibly functional.

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