New Clarks Originals in Olive Suede

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Olive Suede…be a great name for a folk-infused Britpop solo artist from Braintree, that. If such an act did exist, she’d have a bowl haircut, an Saint James knit and a pair of comfortable shoes, maybe like these…

Clarks Originals are back with their staple stalwarts for another season, once again combining suede and crepe in a way only they seem to know how. There’s been a bit of consternation about the prices of their shoes and suggestions that far eastern skullduggery has played a part, but whatever. For what it’s worth I reckon they’ve always been a bit cheaper than they should be, but have always remained tight-lipped on this in case Mr Clarks reads it and pushes his prices up.

Anyway, enough waffling, Oi Polloi have Desert Treks and Wallabees in Olive Suede. Up to you what haircut and knit you wear with them.

I had pizza for tea.

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