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With January comes bargains. Everyone knows that. But what about the new stuff that tends to start landing? Surely that’s worth a little of your time, too? Here’s a few bits and bobs that have arrived at Oi Polloi recently.

adidas Originals Jeans
Is it me or have adidas Originals really started to get the shape and colours of their reissues that bit more right of late? That ‘bumper car’ feel of this makes them alluring, yes alluring.
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Berghaus Oversized FL Pant
Bang on the outdoor trend, and with the background to support it, Berghaus are really visible right now. They’re always great with colour combos, too, going right back into the 1970s. That part of their DNA means they can get away with a muddy brown pair of baggy trousers.
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Taion Down Vest
Taion seem to have nailed this corner of the market, with their layered up approach to all things outerwear. They’re back for a new season, doing their thing and attracting admirers along the way.
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Mephisto Rainbow Velours LT
Too luxurious to wear on a walk, I’d venture. Yet also too robust to not put to the test. Lovely, anyway. Ugly-pretty.
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Golden Bear Albany Camel Jacket
Having celebrated their 100th birthday last year, Golden Bear head into another season of specialising in varsity jackets, tinged with San Francisco style.
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F/ce Performance Down Parka
Whoa, this is a beauty isn’t it? When you want to look like the coolest kid in the Ribena factory only this will do.
Get it now, here

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