New Kettle for Christmas


You may or may not have heard, but Christmas is on its way and top of my list when I was a kid was a new kettle. No, not the latest Morphy Richards (although that probably was on my list, I basically used to trawl the Argos catalogue) as Proper’s resident mockney I’m talking about watches. Either kettle of scotch – watch or kettle and hob – fob – fob watch, depending on which version of the Kent/Essex “my whole family is from Laandan” thesaurus you subscribe to.

The Great Divide have got simple, affordable, classics from the Military Watch Company. MWC actually make watches for the military and there’s the G10LM for £59.95, G10BH for £79.00 and the Submariner for £184.00. I’d like to think Sean Connery was wearing the Submariner in Hunt for the Red October, this was the pre-oligarch Soviet Union after all, but I’ve never seen it so he could be wearing a Rolex for all I know. There’s also 4 different NATO straps available that can be easily changed, especially if your submarine has been captured and you decide to defect to the West.

Chances are you’re probably a bit old for Christmas lists (although I wish someone would tell my missus that – only joking babe, if you’re reading this/do you think I’m made of money, if you’re not) but these are well worth dropping a few hints about.

Get them HERE 

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