New Norse Projects at Grants 1856


You can tell that the lads at Grants 1856 are bang into their Norse Projects as they always get a bit giddy when a new drop of Danish delights comes there way. So imagine the scenes over Cleethorpes way when all this SS17 stuff arrived in the shop, I bet they went absolutely bloody mental. And who can blame them as there’s some super strong pieces in Norse’s colourful and cotton-centric SS17 collection. The colours used are reliably tasteful too, with my particular favourite being ‘marginal blue’ which despite sounding like something from an election night special is actually a kind of turquoise. Their mercerised cotton tees also come in a decent range of fruity flavours fit that look particularly ‘fit for all seasons’. Tasteful colourful, functional and fairly wonderful too.

Nice yourself up with some new Norse Projects here.







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