New PS by Paul Smith

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Paul Smith eh… Sir Paul Smith… I nearly met the man himself recently, but given my surname, I just couldn’t rouse the enthusiasm. Smiths are ten a penny in our family, after all. Seriously though, we were invited to a little soiree at his gaff in London where he launched a nice book and was on hand to sign copies too. He even took a mug off us and seemed genuinely impressed.

I didn’t witness any of this however, as I had a funny turn and had to go and sit on the kerb outside. All I needed was an upturned bucket hat and I’d have had people throwing change at me. It was a long day. Anyway, I didn’t get to meet the knight of the realm and designer of nice clothes, but it did reignite my interest in what he’s up to these days. Apparently, a bit of a shake up has seen his various labels combined into one, which is to be known as PS by Paul Smith. With a new logo which looks not a little like that of Public Image Ltd, and some interesting new gear (including a tee which has pills on it… maybe the logo isn’t a coincidence after all).

Head over to Infinities, where they sell a decent range of the stuff and make your own mind up.

ps-by-paul-smith-moon-landing-print-t-shirt-black-p109701-68354_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-one-way-t-shirt-white-p109706-68360_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-pills-print-t-shirt-white-p109703-68424_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-regular-fit-flock-t-shirt-royal-blue-p109696-68322_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-regular-fit-mercerised-polo-shirt-indigo-blue-p109679-68377_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-regular-fit-mercerised-polo-shirt-navy-p109680-68385_zoom ps-by-paul-smith-rip-stop-hooded-jacket-red-p109719-68457_zoom

I had pizza for tea.

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