New Season C.P. Company lands at Aphrodite

C.P. Company has always had a certain something that helped retain the interest of outerwear fanatics the world over, but certainly this last decade it has gone from strength to strength. While Stone Island has grown by broadening its appeal and expanding its leverage of a wide range of musical subcultures, its older brother C.P. Company has instead stayed closer to home, really solidifying its innate characteristics and cementing the DNA that helped it grow. This means an overt acknowledgment of the community that has always held it in high regard, engaging with them more than ever and nodding heavily towards the terrace crowd in particular. Without good product, this strategy could easily have fallen into the trap of being too ‘retro’ reliant but thankfully each range C.P. brings us somehow retains the same age-old appeal it’s always had yet with newness that has always been the heart of the pioneering brand.

North East institution Aphrodite have just launched lots of their new gear ready for the end of season run in and we reckon if you’ve not paid as much attention as usual, you should now give your head a wobble and remedy this situation, chiefly by clicking right here.

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