New to Aphrodite: Alife® New York

Are you familiar with NYC native Alife? If you’re not, let us quickly bring you up to speed. Streetwear and skatewear imprint Alife® stands as one of the true originators of streetwear – we’re talking late ‘90s, early ‘00s, when the emerging trend was simply a blip in the larger scale of industry noise. But Alife and its neighbouring peers, such as Supreme and 10.Deep, each knew they were truly onto something special; successfully anticipating the importance of streetwear way before the rest of the world clocked it. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and Alife® is still very much alive and well, along with a plethora of streetwear brands who followed in its exemplary footsteps. In fact, Alife is now fresher than ever, having taken a short step back from the industry to re-tune its output in recent years. 

Bringing its new-found maturity and immense craft to northern menswear retailer Aphrodite for SS20, Alife® presents a curated collection that speaks for the downtown culture from which it is born and bred. Discover American-made pre-shrunk 12oz fleece fits, breezy cotton tees and logo-laden accessories among the stellar lineup. 

Shop new-season Alife at Aphrodite Clothing now.


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