New to Aphrodite: Red Wing 6” Moc Boots

With powerful windstorms like Arwen wreaking havoc across the country in recent weeks, us Brits find ourselves preparing for yet another brutal winter freezing our arses off. From blankets of snow to gale-force winds and lashings of rainfall, has there ever been a more appropriate time to prime your wardrobe for extreme weather conditions?

We’ve all, quite literally, fallen victim to a stealthy swatch of black ice in our lifetimes, and it’s not a pleasant sight let’s just say that. So how do we go about avoiding these social-suicide mishaps? A hefty pair of boots, that’s how.

The Red Wing 6” Moc Toe Boots are the perfect solution for frosty ground. Raised high atop that signature white wedge, the boot boasts a Storm Welt sole where the meeting of the midsole and the upper is expertly sealed to better protect against moisture leaking in. The supple leather upper is also positively impacted by the addition of GORE-TEX meaning the silhouette is further shielded from any unwanted splashes, while wavy grooves underfoot bring the best in traction-orientated footwear direct to your rotation.

Shop the durable Red Wing 6” Moc Toe Boots at Aphrodite Clothing now.

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