New Tuk Tuk Website

A shirt brand called Tuk Tuk conjures up some great puns, but we’ve been onto them for a while now so we’ve used all the best ones up. You can be thankful for that.

The reason we’re bringing your attention to our only Sri Lankan-based stockist is they’ve gone and tarted their website up. It looked decent enough to us before, but there’s an ancient geek saying that no website is ever finished, they’re all a work in progress. So with that in mind, Tuk Tuk head honcho Mark Scholes enlisted the help of a couple of Manchester-based lads (one of whom worked on the original Oi Polloi site) and together they’ve come up with a new, improved online shop.

To celebrate this occasion, we’ll be launching a smart Tuk Tuk competition next week. Keep your eyes peeled. For now, get your debit card out, fuel up your paypal account and have a look at

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