Newfangle Falésia Pocket T-Shirt

For the first time this year, I’m wearing both shorts AND t-shirt. The balmy weather in the North West of England won’t last, so we must take our opportunities wherever they occur.

Although I’ve got loads of t-shirts, it’s surprising how many of them I picked up this morning and went “Nah, not today”. What’s wrong with me? Is it just a surreptitious attempt at justifying more t-shirt purchases? “Oh, those ones aren’t really for me anymore” my subconscious whispers. “You need new ones”.

And so I do. The absence of a chest pocket may be something you crave, but for me, I need somewhere to put my sun specs. So this from Newfangle fits the bill nicely. Continuing their Made in Portugal products, they also persevere with their naming conventions, hence ‘Falésia’. Google it.

Then click here to get yourself one. While you’re there you might also like to check out their other latest release, the Tormentas Oxford Shirt. Go on… off you go…

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