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It’s that time of year again. The time where you fight your inner critic and keep checking your bank account. New stuff is popping up in the shops, but wait… it’s still f-f-freezing. And there’s loads of winter stuff in the shops but it’s heavily reduced. Who cares if your favourite shop is selling t-shirts and shorts, the wind is howling and your central heating is turned up to eleven.

With this in mind we thought we’d sit down and have a little browse on the site of our favourite Portugeezers, Newfangle.

We’ll be starting with the important stuff, jackets. This from Garbstore is like something John Rambo would wear to a christening in February/Leicester. This is a good thing. Still a good size break available and loads knocked off the price. Get one before you regret it.

Next on the hitlist is this Universal Works check padded blazer. Great for serious, high powered business meetings when it’s dead, dead cold. Like now.


We’re gonna go native now. A Portugal-based brand on a Portugal-based website. La Paz make proper European casualwear but not in the way you see when you go on holiday to the Costas. This is grown up but sporty and smart. And everyone (especially you) needs a cable knit like this.


What next? I’ll tell you what’s next… CORDUROY. Not just normal CORDUROY though. Diagonal CORDUROY. Not sure why I’m shouting. I guess I just like corduroy. This from Barbour is the kind of shirt that unleashed cliches like ‘great for layering up’ and ‘modern take on traditional silhouette’. Both of these are true. What’s also true is you can get this in all sizes (if you’re quick) for 93 euros. Not sure what this is in pounds but you can bet it’s WELL CHEAP. Sorry, shouting again there.

For these items and lots more, I ask.. no demand… you head to Portugal (in a cyber way at least) and type in onto your internet thingy.

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