Newgate Clocks Conjure the Freedom of Travel

Pockets have been one of our favourite retailers for a long time, often stocking some of the rarer things that others daren’t. Recently, they expanded their homeware range to include Anglepoise lamps, a British heritage lamp maker that continues a lineage of exciting British engineering. 

Similarly, they have acquired a rather nice selection of Newgate clocks, who, since 1990, have been pioneering British modernist clockmaking. 

Their most iconic clocks, the Newgate Putney and the Luggage are wall clocks built with a galvanised metal frame, a bold marker dial and contrasting red hands. They are explicitly inspired by mid-Century railway station clocks that conjure the essence of freedom and travel. 

At home in an industrial, retro or minimalist interior, the Putney wall clock creates a focal point as a statement kitchen clock or hung in the living room or office.

In addition, Pockets has a range of Newgate’s digital LED clocks, suited for bedside tables and desks. The Cyborg Digital range is inspired by lunar landing craft and feels distinctly futuristic. 

View a range of Newgate Clocks at Pockets. 

Newport Clocks at Pockets.

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