Nigel Cabourn Could Prepare You for the Apocalypse

I don’t really have the time to play video games anymore, but when I did, I was a sucker for an open-world game that could absorb your entire life and spit it out into an entirely new world. One of my favourites was anything from the Fallout franchise (so much so that the announcement of a new one could catalyse the purchase of a console), a game that saw you take to the streets of various post-apocalyptic cities and navigate the new hazards. Such a game always made me think about what I’d wear in such a scenario. It contained a huge amount of military outfits, subtly cut and modified into semi-futuristic interpretations of what they once were. If there was an apocalypse now, I’d raid any retailer that stocked anything of Nigel Cabourn’s. 

This Track Smock Army Jacket is the combination of a 1950’s Swiss cold weather smock and a WWII US Marine jacket, which on the surface sounds like it’d prepare you for any eventuality. Deeper than that, you know that with Cabourn’s attention, there’s details and straps and pockets and subtleties that can’t be tracked with description. 

I’m not wishing for an apocalypse, but I would like 48 hours of wild west style martial law so I can properly get dressed up. Maybe. First stop: Terraces for Cabourn’s Track Smock Army Jacket. 

Cabourn at Terraces

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