Nigel Cabourn x Liam Gallagher Ventile Long Smock

Though took me by somewhat by surprise it makes total sense to see Liam and Nige getting together to make some amazing smocks. In fact it’s rare to see LG not wearing a smock these days isn’t it? And Mr Cabourn is the man you go to when you want some real deal, top of the tree, hardcore military spec, made in England pullover action. There’s also some nice Mancunian vibes happening in he fact that these beautiful smocks are made in cotton ventile, a military fabric developed in Liam’s home town. Though based on an original 1940s British military issue smock with all the key details in tact they’ve made it slightly longer and dipped the hem at little at the back just to up the rock ‘n’ roll ante a little.

Buy a Nigel Cabourn x Liam Gallagher Ventile Smock from Hanon here.

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