Nigel Cabourn’s M65-influenced Quilted Parka

Back in the days of Mods ‘n’ Rockers, proper Mods wore US Military Fishtail parkas. There’s loads of them – the M51, M65, M48 – and quite frankly, deciphering jackets with codes for names is a big hobby of ours. It’s also a hobby of Nigel Cabourn, who is an authority on military gear. Cabourn knows the jackets so well that he could take the lining from one – say, the M65 – and build an entirely new jacket around it. That’s what you want from a designer; the capacity to isolate an element from one piece and use it to bring to life another. 

Cabourn’s Quilted Parka is like a modified M65 jacket liner. It’s only a little bit like it, though, as it’s been upgraded with pockets and vents, two-way zips, a thoughtful hood, and then garment-dyed for a more authentic, this-could’ve-been-in-the-war feel. 

Pre the jacket in navy at Terraces. 

Nigel Cabourn at Terraces

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