Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge

Do you go for a walk on Christmas day? I always intend to go for a bracing walk around my local park but usually just end up stuck in the kitchen listening to Six Music and eating double figure amounts of pigs in blankets. If I do manage to make it out of the house this year (I won’t) I intend to parade around the park in a pair of ACG Ruckel Ridge. They’re deal for letting everyone know that you’ve got some brand new Nikes for Christmas whilst still appearing all grown up and outdoors-y. This particular pair at Wellgosh are in a British light tan¬†colourway which though rather paradoxical given our climate could well be a nod to the ridiculously hot summer we had this year. It really was a scorcher wasn’t it? Just like these pure fire ACGs really.

Buy a pair of Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge from Wellgosh here.


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