Nike Air Max 95 ACG Mowabb

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Long gone are the days when you could just get your wage packet in actual cash, in an envelope, then spend said cash in a shop. Not just because of all this COVID palaver but also just because consumers are consuming much more and way more smartly.

When you’re old enough to remember eBay changing our lives, the whole reseller thing doesn’t feel too foreign, but it’s definitely become normalised this last few years. As a result, when those suave sneaks you wanted sell out, it’s a fair bet the likes of Klekt will be on hand to solve your problem come payday.

Take these all conditions appropriate Air Max 95s in the Mowabb colourway? Pure 90s vibes but in a way that remains just as relevant today. The 17 year old me loved these but the 41 year old me might just edge it. Tremendous footwear.

There’s plenty more to choose from at Klekt anyway. Stuff the 17 year old me would undoubtedly love, but perhaps the 41 year old me couldn’t quite pull off. All smashing stuff though. Take a look.

I had pizza for tea.

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