Nike Air Max 95 Exclusive new Colourways

21 years since it first appeared on the scene, the outlaw image of Nike 110s endures. Most recently appropriated by middle class kids (perhaps unknowingly) wanting to look a bit more street, the Air Max 95 is now firmly entrenched as a classic lifestyle trainer.

The suggestion that this shoe was the most common of all crime scene footprints adds credence to the scally connotations it holds, though the new type of cushion technology was what made it so attention grabbing in 1995,

Back in the mid-90s, the teenage version of me was bang into this kind of footwear, though their price tag ensured a pair of them never saw my feet. Indeed, even a birthday and Christmas double whammy was not enough to secure a pair. Even as a burgeoning footwear consumer, the idea of paying over £100 for some trainers was something I couldn’t get to grips with, especially when there were coats and computer games to buy.

Now, I’m probably a tad long in the tooth to parade about in a pair of these, but it won’t stop me.

Get these new colourways from JD Sports. Nike Air Max 95 - JD Exclusive, Cream £115 @ JD Nike Air Max 95 Ultra £125 @ JD Nike Air Max 95 £115 @ JD

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