Nike Air Max Mercurial R9 Trainer

Just when you thought things hadn’t quite got football enough, along comes a trainer inspired by a classic boot.

Surely that’s putting the cart before the horse, the tail wagging the dog, I hear you stutter, incredulously.

We’ll, you’re wrong. While these new Nike Air Max Mercurial may appear to be a break from convention, surely that’s the whole point of these things. Twist people’s heads. Plus, Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) wore the original football boot version and he was quite good at running, kicking and generally showing off.

Traversing the tightrope between your early morning gym visit and your late night kebab shop run, this is a versatile shoe, as dynamic as the man who popularised its predecessor.

Get a pair here.

nike-air-max-mercurial-r9-trainer-black-silver-p109558-68175_zoom nike-air-max-mercurial-r9-trainer-black-silver-p109558-68176_zoom nike-air-max-mercurial-r9-trainer-black-silver-p109558-68177_zoom

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