Nike Air Pegasus 83


1983, what a year. Red rain fell from the skies, TV-AM started up, the CD went on sale for the first time, Gandhi won eight oscars (the film that is), the first episodes of Blackadder and Blockbusters were broadcast and Nike released one of their greatest ever trainers to date. With the aim of creating ‘a more accessibly priced every person’s Air training shoe’ the Pegasus did indeed provide an affordable option that was also durable enough to meet the needs of all types of different runners. The Pegasus is still being worn today by World Champion Runners like Mo Farah too, though these ¬†versions have had a few tweaks and modifications since the 83 original which remains a design classic and much loved trainer. ¬†Infinities currently have this iconic shoe in stock in black, white or maroon colour-ways.

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