Nike Debuts Stranger Things Capsule Collection

For fans of Stranger Things who spent a lot of the time watching the show thinking ‘I used to have a pair of those Cortez!‘ or perhaps more likely ‘I really wish I had a pair of those Tailwinds‘ then you’re in luck. Nike have just announced a collaboration with the cult retro-horror series that includes a range of Hawkins High themed apparel and trainers.

Arriving on the 27th of June the first drop will feature Cortez, Tailwind and Blazers alongside sweat suits and T-shirts that channel the 1980s phys-ed vibe with Hawkins High green and orange colour scheme and Tiger mascot. Whilst the second drop AKA the ‘OG pack’ is made up entirely of trainers with each carrying a red, white and blue colour scheme celebrating 1985 Independence Day with a year marker on the heel and special firework display sock liner. It looks like Christmas (or should that be Halloween?) has come early this year for those of us that know the 1980s delivered all the best sportswear.


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