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When I wrote a thing about football shirts the other week the ProperMag site went into meltdown and the monthlies went through the roof so the top-brass have demanded more football.

Football boots aren’t boots. That’s not an attempt at redundant observational humour, it’s just a fact. We call them boots but boots are boots and football boots are not. Boots have to be higher than the ankle at least. Football boots aren’t.

The situation must’ve been doing Nike’s head in too because in readiness for the World Cup they’ve rolled-out the Nike Magista football boot, which is an actual boot. Sort of. It comes higher than the ankle but the bit that does that is a bit like a sock. Nike say it’s a Mid-cut dynamic fit collar so it’s probably a bit more than a sock but it looks like a sock so y ‘know (Its a thick sock tbh but I’m still not sure if it’s enough to really make it a proper boot or not).


What they do look like are future-boots from a 1950’s comic or something Matt Damon would wear if he only had 48 hours to save the Earth from impending destruction. Available in Volt and Hyper-Punch which could be colours or could be jet-pack particles, the boots utilise Nike’s Flyknit technology which Nike claim can enable players wearing them to “best move in the tight spaces of modern football” and “Fly”.


Given the fact that Flyknit is a very soft fabric there could be concern that the boots are too thin to protect the foot properly and the World Cup could see broken metertarsal’s AOTS but then if footballers were really interested in safety they’d all wear a pair of Adidas Copa Mundial’s rather than boots that look like Skittles Sours.

Nike Magista Top 1


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