Nike Space Hippy touch down at Wellgosh

Leicester may not be a universe far, far away but by the looks of these dashing daps, it may as well be. I saw these while in London last week and was instantly enchanted by their “so wrong yet so right” appeal.

The fact they’re called Space Hippy is itself much of the draw. They look like something Bruce Willis would wear while preparing to save the world, while Aerosmith play him out. They look like the kind of thing your mate with 0% body fat would wear while pointing and laughing at fat lads at the local climbing wall. They look like something a yogi instructor would wear while berating an unruly child. They look like trainers should look in 2021… a bit futuristic, a bit daring and yes, a bit appealing.

I’m off to secure some discount. See you on the dark side of the moon.

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I had pizza for tea.

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