Nivelcrack and Club América launch

Back in the early noughties, before the advert of 4G pitches and Powerleague, there was a place I played regularly in Stockport. As a young whippersnapper I found myself in the unlikely role of centre forward in a 5-a-side team, widely recognised as the best of its kind in the entire town. We had trophies to prove it. Great days. Anyway, we were very fortunate at that time to be made up of a group of lads who worked in the warehouse at the nearby adidas HQ. No stranger to their staff sales myself, I was aware of the wealth of future classics on offer, but never did I come across the superb Club America shirt… until I joined that team. Then I got to wear it every Sunday morning. The mix of blue, yellow and red was quickly joined by an additional shade of burnt red, when I inevitable took the skin off my lower legs via ill-advised slide-tackles on what was basically an old fashioned carpet. These days the hair doesn’t grow on my legs. Funny the things you do when you’re young.

What’s that got to do with Proper though?

Well, our pals at NIVELCRACK and CLUB AMÉRICA have come together to open a joint pop-up store to commemorate the release of first collaborative collection at Cafe NivelCrack on June 29th and 30th.

The collection comprises of work shirt, shorts, training top, track pants, t-shirt, cap, socks and bowling cap all available at the pop-up store, where Club América’s 24-25 season home & away shirts will also be launched.

On the first day of the pop-up, when the opening reception will take place, all the vistors can enjoy Tacos, Mexican drinks and music.

More info here.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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