Noah New York Two-tone Windcheater

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Oh Noah, with your luxurious American sportswear, stop it. Stop making me like you when I’m skint. Stop making stuff that requires serious endeavour to purchase in the UK. Stop doing things that appeal to a 40 year old man who thinks he’s still 17 but knows he isn’t but doesn’t care. Stop being good with colours, shapes, fits. Stop doing what Supreme would do if they a bit more sensible. Stop being the illegitimate great nephew of Ralph Lauren and some unknown stylish European broad.

I’m saying stop all those things, but don’t. Because then you wouldn’t be Noah anymore. You wouldn’t make anoraks like these, which would look equally at home on a cinema buff watching an obscure directors cut of a film only they’ve heard of, as it would on a rainy Midlands football terrace in April.

Check this and all the other splendid Noah gear on their website, which is one of the few places you can buy it from.

I had pizza for tea.

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