Nobis – The Ricky Bobby Vest

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Though I’m not one to go on and on about the weather, this time of year does prove pretty trying in terms of outerwear and it kind be hard to find a happy medium between your extremities turning blue with cold or getting a proper gore-tex induced sweat on. I discovered a few years back that the solution to this climate based quandary is to get yourself a gilet (or a body warmer or a vest if you prefer).

If you invest in a decent, technical spec outdoor-friendly gilet then you’ll find for a good percentage of the year it’ll be the first thing you grab whether head up a mountain or to go trainer shopping. A shining example of which is the ‘Ricky Bobby’ from luxury outerwear experts Nobis. Both the Country & Western sounding name and the leather yoke on the vest feel like Nobis ar paying their dues to 20th century rugged desert dwelling Americans who have been wearing items like this for the past 60 years. Whilst the windproof technical fabrics and durable water repellent coating put this garment directly in the vanguard of 21st century technical clothing.

As well as being an incredibly functional item of clothing with lots of clever design features and a premium duck down filling that’s perfectly suited to mid-season warmth it’s also pretty stunning to look at. Available in four versatile colours that will mix well with everything you place underneath it including plaid shirts, denim jackets or even a plain white tee.

Available from Nobis here.

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