Norda are setting the levels.

Canandian designed trail runners crafted for innovation.

Norda are leading the innovation of trail running with a design ethos that is as robust as their shoes.

Their story is classic, unimpressed and uninspired by the approach to trail runners on the market they set about creating the sort of shoe that could take them anywhere they wanted to go in Canada’s toughest conditions.

Their focus was nailing the perfect combination of fit, cushion, grip, weight, breathability and material innovation, which they have succeded in doing.

The upper of the ‘001’ is made from a material named Bio-Dyneema which is a new timber and pulp based alternative to Dyneema which still retains all the qualities the world’s strongest fibre. Placed on a specialist Vibram sole providing exceptional levels of support and grip at low weight cost, the durability and utility of the shoe cannot be questioned.

Whilst the innovation and responsibility involved in designing the shoe is impressive, the wonderful shape and aesthetic of the brand places them in a space where they could make for great everyday shoes, as all of the best running shoes have.

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