Norse Projects – Good for All Seasons

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Good for all seasons? That’s their motto isn’t it? And it’s got a ring of truth, tbf, imvvvvho. Whether you like your seasons warm, cold or festooned with festivities, Norse is a good go-to option.

Take this 5 panel tartan titfer, for example. It’s ideal for the Boxing Day away fixture, yet also serves the very worthy purpose of annoying elderly relatives at the table for Christmas dinner. “Take that hat off Mark, you’re at the table”

“Fuck off and eat your sprouts, Nanna”



If on the other hand you think checked caps are plaid out (because plaid means checked and also sounds like played if you say it wrong), then this one might be more fitting to irk those bothersome Octogenarians at the dinner table. It has overtones of hit U.S war drama M*A*S*H, which again make it good for eating potatoes. Because mash.


If caps with peaks aren’t your thing (tbf they’re not for me), then how about this beanie? How about it? I’ve got this in a sort of greeny marl colour and I don’t go anywhere without it when it’s cold.


So, everyone’s slowly digesting loads of meat and vegetables. Stung by your earlier retort, your Nan has retired to the sofa, where she’s drifting off to sleep still wearing her party hat, and a small but noticeable gravy stain on her chin. The dog has taken full advantage of the scraps which have found their way onto the floor under the table and he’s going to need taking for a long walk soon. You’ve got your headgear sorted, so what to wear on the outside? Well, let’s assume you’re still politely wearing that Christmas jumper Uncle Graham’s latest Mrs got you from Primark. That’ll keep you warm until you set it on fire in a couple of days, so the ideal way to make nobody able to see it is this…the Hugo Light Jacket.

norse-projects-hugo-light-jacket-navyfront-800x800 norse-projects-hugo-light-jacket-dried-olivefront-800x800

And on it goes.

There’s plenty more Norsey but nice bits on Grants, which is where you should go now.

I had pizza for tea.

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