Norse Projects Nunk V2 Jacket

Nice and understated, no gimmicks, the Norse Projects Nunk Jacket is another of their garments I’d have no problem wearing every day.  Without wanting to sound pretentious, there’s a kind of cohesion to each seasonal Norse Projects collection. The colours they use, the way they remain faithful to some stuff but mix others up.

Here’s the bit where we boast about interviewing Mikkel from Norse Projects shortly before Adam met Eve. We did so in Proper Magazine before it became a magazine. It was a good interview and we’ve been wearing Norse Projects ever since. Only today I sported (yeah, sported) the cord Anton shirt from last year. A real all rounder it is, much like the brand itself.

Like a flipping fool, I sold my Elka raincoat a few months back. I’ve been too dismayed with myself to admit it until now. So while I’m posting about two brilliant Norse Projects jackets, this post also serves as a catharsis.

Maybe the only way I can absolve myself of the shame is to dip into my shallow cash reserves and buy a Nunk to replace it.

Available from Six Whiting Street.


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