Norse Projects, Universal Works, La Panoplie, Aquascutum

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Just back from the festival of fashion, me.

In amongst the fancy dress peacocks and that lad who was wearing a pirate hat just because he could, there was a fair amount of inspiration there. Everyone seemed to be wearing Saucony and New Balance on their feet, while the sporty/casual stuff was what impressed me most. I missed the much-vaunted Russian scally brand Gosha Rubchinsky, but by all accounts it was mental/great/awful.

You don’t need to pay an inflated price for dyed-in-the-wool British street style though. In fact, at Grants, they’re generously clearing the decks. Aquascutum and K-Way have you covered on that score, plus there’s more refined offerings from the likes of Norse Projects and Universal Works.

Having left arguably my best shirt in the wardrobe of my Florence lodgings (and got nowhere with the bloke at the hotel who suddenly couldn’t understand me) I may have to make some purchases.

Have a look at their full selection here.

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I had pizza for tea.

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