Norse Projects Vagn Classic Hood Sweatshirt

It’s that time of year when you can 100% get away with wearing a sweatshirt or hoody draped over your shoulders with the sleeves tied in a knot. Giving out a laid back look that suggests you could either have just run 10km, played a game of tennis or been sat in the local park enjoying the greenery. If you want to achieve this leisurely stance than you’re definitely going to need something in loopback fleecy cotton with a kangaroo pocket for when you actually want to wear it on your body but still give your arms a rest. This ‘Vagn’ hooded sweatshirt from Norse Projects ticks all of these boxes with the added bonus of also making you look like a Danish skateboarder. Speaking of Denmark did you know when they say ‘Skol!’ meaning cheers whilst having a drink that it refers back to the Vikings who would actually drink their booze from out of a human skull? Mad eh?

Buy a Norse Projects Vagn Classic Hooded Sweat from Roulette here.

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