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There are all sorts of studies out there which rank UK cities by their rainfall. Believe me, I’ve researched this so you don’t have to. While the top spot varies from study to study, one thing they all agree on is actually quite shocking: Manchester is way down the list.

Once you get over the initial horror, it actually makes sense. In a city where suede┬áis a beloved staple the reputation for rain has always been a strange paradox. Suede and rain are not easy bedfellows are they? But then if Manchester isn’t actually that rainy after all, perhaps it’s all quite straightforward.

“Where are you going with this?” I hear you bellow, from underneath a redundant umbrella. Well, where I’m going is this. Today in Manchester, it’s proper otter’s pocket weather. Well rainy. The streets of Ancoats are beset by gargantuan puddles as the drains strain under the weight of cloud piss. And yet, the weather guys reckon it won’t be here that long because Manchester isn’t actually that wet after all. And when it all dries out, the perfect window of opportunity opens for a pair of these Novesta.

Might have made more sense to talk about the actual shoes but they’re Novesta Star Master. There’s not loads to tell you is there? Look at the photographs. Check the forecast. Take particular care when translating EU to UK sizing, then buy some. Buy some here

I had pizza for tea.

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