Nudie Jeans Co: Stone Mason Replica

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Grim Tim Stone Mason Replica 111695_detail_10

Though ‘Organic Stone Mason Replica’ may sound like a dodgy prog-rock album title it’s actually a super limited edition pair of distressed (which is putting it mildly) Nudie Grim Tim jeans. Inspired by a stone mason who wore his Nudies for nine months of chisel related work and play, the Swedish denim boffins at Nudie decided they looked so fucking ace that they’d make 300 exact replicas. Personally I’m getting a bit bored of breaking my jeans in so these have come at just the right time, forget about stone-washed these are stone-bashed and I love em. Available from the Nudie Soho store and online.


2. Grim Tim Stone Mason Replica 111695_front_newGrim Tim Stone Mason Replica 111695_detail_21. Grim Tim Stone Mason Replica 111695_back_new

Grim Tim Stone Mason Replica 111695_detail_20


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