Nudie Jeans ‘Jack’ Bowling Shirt

Bowling shirts — much like their cousin the Hawaiian shirt — are having a bit of a thing right now. Once best left to Tony Soprano, The Dude and Kramer off Seinfeld, now brands are toning them down and shaping them up, giving us all a chance to look like we’re two seconds and a pompadour away from starting an amateur surf-rock band. Take the Jack Bowling Shirt from the conscious denim-heads at Nudie. Crafted from ecologically-friendly Tencel fabric, the Jack shirt comes in this Turmeric shade or a more subdued navy, finished with NJ CO embroidery to the chest for that coveted ‘obscure 50s petrol company bowling team uniform’ look.

Find the Nudie Jeans Jack Bowling Shirt at Aphrodite Clothing now.


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