Oakley, Ltd edition Blacklight Frogskins

Although it might be starting to get a little nippier, it’s around this time of year when we start witnessing some serious sunlight and (hopefully) a bit less cloud. What better way to combat these bright, crisp days than with a pair of super limited edition Oakley Blacklight Frogskins? Containing a UV backlight which makes the shades light up with a genuine glow they’re the first dual-lens sunglass style ever created by Oakley. Though I’ve not bought a pair of Oakleys since wearing their ace goggles during my BMX phase in the early 80s, I’d be more than happy to sport a pair of these cheerful beauties on my forthcoming autumnal strolls. Available next month and priced around about £90.


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  1. They remind me of free pair I got with a happy meal from Mc’d’s back in the day.

    For that reason I’m in.

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