Odd Shoes are now a thing – Saucony Shadow 6000 Food Fight

We’ve all worn odd socks. Even those with the most acute sense of attention to detail will have muttered “these will do” while running late for their bus, pairing together two different shades of navy socks.

They might then spend the rest of the day with their toes curled at the sheer chaos of it all, but they’ve done it. We’ve all done it.

Odd shoes though? Now, there’s a thing? The only time I can think of maybe a touch of mix and match is when I ended up with a few pairs of adidas Copa Mundial football boots in various states of wear. I think one day I wore a left boot that had taken a bit more hammer than the right but I had a decent game so no harm done.

Would I have the requisite joie de vivre to do the same with everyday sneakers like these new Saucony Shadow 6000? I’m not sure, but then I’m also up for trying anything (ok, most things) once.

The latest limited-edition release of the Shadow 6000 is a colourful patchwork of materials and patterns that celebrates all of the past food-themed Saucony releases. In this latest addition, Saucony looks back at some of its most out-there releases (think pizza, burgers and fruit) to create a truly unique look. So unique that the left and right shoes are different from each other. There’s little mention of reusing leftover fabrics but it’d make sense if that’s what was happening here.

These are available now from the usual Saucony retailers and the brand’s website.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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