Oi Polloi Launches Their Very Own Sportswear Co.

When you constantly talk about clothing, stock the world’s best, and generally spend the majority of your time dissecting things like pocket layout, zip integrity, seam strengths, logo placement, fabric softness, wearability and durability, there comes a point when you have to prove that you know what you’re actually talking about. Despite there being very good grounds for critics not having to actually be able to do what they write about – can Jay Rayner cook? Can Anna Wintour sew? – there is always that voice in the back of one’s mind, mumbling, If you know so much, do it yourself.

So that’s exactly what Oi Polloi has done.  

Making a move away from being a selecta, Oi Polloi has transitioned away from purely sourcing. Having consistently collaborated with brands, giving input and design options, now, they feel, is the time to do it entirely by themselves. 

Introducing Oi Polloi Sportswear Co. their “very-own, home-grown, collegiate-inspired super-heavy fleecebacked jersey sportswear collection.”

The fits are inspired by the sportswear of Champion, Russel and Camber USA, with loose, relaxed and heavy fits. Oi Polloi knows that one of the worst things in life is a thin, short-short sleeved lightweight t-shirt – or, well, anything. 

The jerseys are 50-50 organic and recycled cotton and they’re made in Portugal – which, if you’ve been paying attention to many brand’s sourcing over the past few years, is steadily gaining a reputation as the destination for clothing manufacturing. 

On top of classic sportswear pieces like hoodies and sweats, Oi Polloi has entered into the realm of Aran Jumpers, eclectic and regal Lambswool scarves and has continued their range of collaborations. Their latest work with Lyle & Scott attempts to bring L&S back to their historic heritage (spoiler: it’s a roaring success). 

View the whole of Oi Polloi’s personal range here, and keep your eyes and ears open for what the clothing release means for Oi Polloi’s existential confidence. 

Oi Polloi Sportswear Co.

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