Oi Polloi meets Mephisto for another comfortable walk

If you look back over the years and created some sort of collage showing how Oi Polloi has influenced the fashion landscape, Mephisto would be the glue that holds it together.

This hard-wearing, reliable comfort shoe had rarely stepped over the line from the domain of French old fellas with bad posture but context is everything, and Oi Polloi set that context perfectly.

A pretty reliable mainstay of the Mancunian institution, the key Mephisto style is somewhat fittingly named the Rainbow. That makes it a Rainstay, doesn’t it?

To perfectly illustrate their continued appreciation of each other, Oi Polloi and Mephisto have come together to create a slightly modified version of the Rainbow, featuring nod-and-wink branding and more a hiking lace than the usual type.

As they often do, Oi Polloi went for a big walk somewhere unlikely and made it look good.

Get them here now.

I had pizza for tea.

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