Oi Polloi – Nigel Lawson’s Clarkive

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When putting together these magazines there’s always a last minute surprise. Whether it’s a daft typo we’ve all missed or something great that lands on our desk hours before deadline, there’s never a dull moment.

The late delve into Nigel of Oi Polloi‘s cellar yielded this smashing array of vintage Clarks footwear. We just had to include it, and with the help of Sam Waller and Mike Sallabank, we managed to squeeze it in at the last moment.

Below is a little preview of the piece in Proper 19, which includes some stunning backstories regarding the shoes, such as:-

“I went to see Hawkwind in 1991 whilst wearing these and a pair of brown Levi s cords. Anyway, I was looking at

my shoes, and then I looked at the stage, and I suddenly realized that the stage had been set out like a native American camp.”

“There were three tepees, each with a member of the band in, and in the middle of the floor there was a Pendleton rug with a red metal flake drum kit sat on top, like a campfire. I looked at my shoes again and I was there, in the desert. So I stopped selling trainers and jeans and went to America to find magic and moccasins.”

Read the rest of the article in Proper 19.

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I had pizza for tea.

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