Understanding orSlow: an Attempt to Take Clothing Slower 

The clue’s in the name, but orSlow workwear is a testament to refreshingly simple and versatile items that are built to last. 

orSlow’s core premise is that good clothes will transcend the fickleness of fashion. Workwear with military influences is important because the functional and practical accents outlast trends. 

All of orSlow’s clothes are crafted in Japan with local materials, and specialist machinery, and are designed as a reaction to fast fashion and society. In orSlow’s words: “[we] present the antithesis of a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry and slowing it down.” 

The brand was founded by Ichiro Nakutsu, a compulsive clothes hoarder that’s been on a mission to find the best old workwear out there. 35 years ago, his mum gave him a very well-made pair of denim overalls. From that moment, his life was changed, and Nakutsu has searched far and wide for anything that could come close. 

17 years ago, in 2005, Nakutsu decided that it wasn’t enough to have the best workwear collection ever – but that he had to put his knowledge to the test and make them, too. 

Nakutsu declared that “I have nothing to do if you take making clothes away from me,” which is a testament to his commitment. His clothes are relevant and important because if they weren’t, Nakutsu would be lost. 

Head to Oi Polloi to see the range.

OrSlow at Oi Polloi.

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