Oi Polloi x Edwin Pastel Pack

So, the lads down the road at Oi Polloi are nearly 15 years old. That may not seem like a massive expanse of time in other walk of like, but menswear shop years are like dog years, which makes them about 105 or something. Cause for celebration, then. In addition to a party and some rumours about very limited and very desirable Proper mugs, they’re also marking the auspicious occasion with another collaboration with a brand which has gone hand in hand with Oi Polloi over the years, Edwin.

Known ostensibly for their jeans, they’re one of those brands than have quietly, over time, managed to transcend denim legwear to make a number of other garments which stand up on their own. Perhaps the most notable example of this is their chinos. It was these kecks which planted the seed which led to this OPxED spawn.

They’re not really calling it the Pastel Pack (they might be?) but we are, because it’s not out yet and we don’t actually know what they’re calling it. We can’t even quite make out what it looks like, but we know it’ll be good. It’s probably worth 200 or so seconds of your time to have a closer look at the influences behind it here, on the Oi Polloi blog. It’s pure pre-summer steez and BANG ON TREND, which we’ve written in capitals because that’s how we say it. BANG ON TREND. Like that.

Anyway, check it out, yeah?

I had pizza for tea.

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