Universal Works Helps Oi Polloi Celebrate their 20th Birthday

The Oi Polloi x Universal Works collection includes a range of eye-catching staples to commemorate Oi Polloi turning the ripe old age of 20.

Oi Polloi x Universal Works

20: it’s a good age, isn’t it? Just about old enough to have figured some things out, still way too young to care. One thing’s for certain, though – you know what you like. 

Oi Polloi likes staples made by David Keyte – the head honcho behind Nottingham’s Universal Works – and because they like his work, they got him to make the uniform to their birthday party. In Oi Polloi’s words: “what better way to celebrate than to collaborate with life-long friends Universal Works on some seersucker suits, breezy shirts, mad hats and slick slacks in all the colours of the Oi Polloi rainbow?” 

The collection includes a MW Fatigue Jacket in an extensive range of colours. We’re talking practical brown, travelling up to the gradient to burgundy and then spiralling off through yellow, green, blue and pink. It’s a beautiful sight to behold – and the perfect way to celebrate. 

The rest of the collection makes use of the same palette, with a steezy summer shirt that conjures “lands beyond the Skegness seafront” and two shades of elasticated track pants that “are prime for relaxed beach strolling, hilltop sud-sippin’ and any other sunshine activity you can think of.” 

Birthday parties aren’t the same without fun hats and this is no different. The deer stalker stands out as an eccentric bit of flair, bringing an ironic glow of yellow, pink and green to a traditionally murderous silhouette. Sure, it’s called a deer stalker, but you’d be better off chiefing rollies with a pint than staring down a barrel. Unless the barrel has booze in, it’s best to steer clear. 

Oi Polloi and Universal Works’ collab goes live on the 7th at 10am, so get in there before it flies. 

Oi Polloi x Universal Works

Oi Polloi x Universal Works

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