Okuh Studios

Australians used to be all bleached hair, shark tooth necklaces and bad board shorts, but in over the last few years it’s all gone a bit weird.

Born from Fitzory, Melbourne, Okuh Studios is a streetwear brand made by a bunch of lads who didn’t fancy the norm and their Autumnal collection draws inspiration from all over the shop.

From technical sportswear of the 90s, to global dance tribes and Italia ’90 (a tournament notorious for mega kits and shiny tracksuits) Okuh Studios has really nabbed what’s what right now.

Their collection includes a few hoodies, some decent coats, long-sleeved t-shirts and a lot more. Utilising pearlescent, reflective and high build foam prints and bold colour hits of yellow with contrasting lilac, pink and blue pastels.

It’s decent gear, in decent colours that don’t make you look mega pale. Nab some of it from here and confuse your dad by wearing colours he doesn’t understand.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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